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is a private company engaged in real estate development for tourist rental sector. Our Villas are built in compliance with all modern construction standards and are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The equipment meets all the most stringent requirements, and the villas have all the legal documents, licenses, and certificates required for tourist rental.

We deliver unforgettable holiday experiences and provide superior service to our guests: we will organize your vacation according to your requests, recommend the most beautiful beach and the best restaurant.

For your convenience, we can arrange transfer to and from the airport at a generous discount. Our guests can also rent an Opel Vivaro van (8+1 seats) for self-guided tours.

Villa-Premantura – our doors are open to our guests.








The town is located on the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula and, descending into the blue-green sea, offers a spectacular sight. Its 30km of coastline, pristine bays, and beaches, desert islands, unique flora, and breathtaking landscapes turn this place into a one-of-a-kind destination.
This area has some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. Due to its typical Mediterranean-style architecture, Premantura gives the impression of a sleepy seaside town braving the sea winds. In the town center, there is the bell tower of the Church of St. Lovro, named after the patron saint of Premantura, which is visible from the sea and has served for centuries as a landmark for fishermen and sailors.
The history of Premantura dates back to the distant past. Traces of dinosaurs dating 70 million years back found on the nearby Fenoliga Island, as well as the millenia-old ruins of buildings stretching across the peninsula are evidence of the presence of ancient life on Istria.
In the depths of a deep bay, shielded from cold winds and lulled to sleep in the shade of trees, lies the humble town of Pomer. Quiet, relaxed and wistful, Pomer is the place where memories come flooding back, brought back to its coast with every breaking wave. The sea is undoubtedly the prime attraction of this little paradise. The Romans were the first to appreciate the beauty of this bay, as well as its advantages. They named the town Pomoerium, and built their famous baths, luxurious villas, and a harbour here.
ŽThis old fishing town has embraced the modern nomads exploring the ancient Mediterranean world, its customs and its beauty. Due to its allure, the Pomer marina is familiar to many sailors who keep coming back here.
For active lifestyle devotees, Pomer offers a variety of sports, including windsurfing, volleyball, cycling, etc. With its friendly locals, excellent food and wine, a gentle breeze, and peace disturbed only by the sound of waves, Pomer is a place that is really worth a visit.

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